A double winner!


Area Director Sam Warner presenting Matt Hegarty with his winner’s certificate at the Area 39 Humorous Speaking Contest, 3 October 2015

Many congratulations to our President, Matt Hegarty, on winning two competitions in four days – a fantastic achievement. Matt won the Humorous Speaking contest at Shropshire Speakers with his speech You have to turn your head to the side, and then went on to represent our club at the area contest in Birmingham four days later on Saturday, 3rd October, where he won again. At each level the standard gets higher as only the best speakers get through to the next round.

Jill: How do you feel about winning the area competition?

Matt: I feel very proud to have represented the club in the Area competition, and it was a great honour to win.  It is daunting to speak in front of an audience, and even more so in a competitive setting, however Toastmasters is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and it really builds confidence to have entered the competition and to have been successful.

Jill: Do you have any tips for anyone thinking of entering a competition?

Matt: My only tip for entering a competition is to go for it!  Read up beforehand on what the judging criteria is, think carefully about your message, structure and content, and then practice so you are comfortable with timing and delivery.  Competing is daunting, but it is great experience and an additional challenge.

You can also learn from watching speakers online.  Search YouTube for Toastmasters.  Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk is a great example of a humorous speech.

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