Advanced Communication – Double exposure – Public relations

Keeping a club going takes just a bit of effort as I’m sure many of you know, and toastmasters of course isn’t any different.   Public relations is just one of the advanced communication skills  that you can work towards,  giving you the opportunity and confidence to demonstrate your speaking skills at a new level.  Many  hurdles are  jumped at Shropshire speakers  meaning  that the  public relations team at Shropshire Speakers is always growing.

cow-431729_640Grab the bull by the horns”

Sam Warner took the bull by the horns and arranged to promote the club BBC Radio Shropshire.  Jim Hawkins  the mid morning presenter interviewed her for about 10 minutes back in December to find out what the group was all about.

If Sam  were to be evaluated on her public relations performance I think she would have received excellent feedback. The interview was well paced, clear,  encompassing all the points and questions that listeners may be pondering on or wanting  to ask.  Sam  answered all of Jim’s questions with appropriate seriousness and humour highlighting that while the  group is structured  we do have fun.  Sam is working through  her Advanced communication  public relations book and  just as with  other advanced communication topics has a number of projects to achieve.

It was great that she was then able to follow up her ‘On Air’ Radio experience  by inviting Jim to attend a meeting at the Ramada in Telford.  This was to be  interviewed again by Jim but  so she could be evaluated.  Having a member  interviewed by a radio presenter in front of an audience I think was a first for the club.

Jim briefly interviewed a few members during the recess  to find out what members got from the group, so we may be broadcast at some point in the future during his daily  show from 9-12 Mon-Fri.

As VPPR I asked Jim what he thought of the experience.  He hadn’t been to a toastmasters group before and as many other guests often say to us,  he  didn’t realise it would be so  structured, but how  efficiently  the evening runs. Thanks Jim.

Having a structure shouldn’t be seen as a negative don’t let the word put you off.  You’re always welcome to try, try, try before you buy.

Hear you soon.


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