Area 39 Director – Sam Warner

samI took the opportunity to go with Sam to see how a neighbouring club runs an evening and on the journey over I thought I would interview Sam in her new role.


Jenny : What exactly does the role entail?

Sam:  I am the conduit between division and clubs in the area, I monitor the clubs in my area and one of the things I do is to see whether they may need to split because they are growing too big.  These include Shropshire, Godiva, Bullring, Spa speakers, Heart of England. Attending Division training sessions twice a year.  I visit all the clubs twice a year and submit a report on how well they are doing and identify if they need any help or support. I also put together the Officer Training sessions twice a year and the Area Competitions twice a year.  This year I’m putting on an additional event in early December.

Jenny: What is your aim?

Sam:  To help and support Godiva Speakers club in Coventry to charter. 

To help and support, and share good practise between all of the existing clubs. 

Identify new opportunities for clubs to start and host demonstration meetings.

Start or investigate possibility of Advanced clubs or Corporate clubs

Promotion of Youth Leadership Programme

To attend the Black Cat Conference in November

Jenny: How do you get to be area 39 Director?

Sam:  Previous area director succession planning includes being asked if you’re interested in taking on the role one day.  It is a one year post from 1st July, during this time you can’t represent your club in contests or for the year before the year of office.  (that’s dedication)

Jenny: What is your goal in Toastmasters?

Sam: To be a DTM – Distinguished Toastmaster and inspire others to join and take advantage of what Toastmasters training has to offer.

Jenny: What is your favourite colour?

Sam: Yellow

Jenny: How did you hear about Toastmasters?

Sam:  I was coaching a lady from India and she had found the Bullring club (Birmingham) on line and asked Sam  to go with her, then she   found out there was a club in Telford that needed support and the rest they say is history.

Jenny: Why did you want to join?

Sam: I like the structure having manuals to work through, mentors, consistent support and nurturing and the regular meetings.  Consistency across the clubs anywhere in the world is pretty impressive too.

Jenny: What has it done for you?

Sam: Calmed me down a bit and showed me how and when to use my excitement and flamboyancy to its best so  that I can come across a little less eccentric. How to move with purpose and use a stage effectively.  How to listen and that there are different ways to talk and deliver a presentation and they are all right.

Jenny: What do you get from Toastmasters  now?

Sam : Watching people develop over time is amazing. (I concur with that one as well.)

Being Area Director has so far enabled me to meet new people, help more people and learn more about Toastmasters.

Thank you Sam.

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