Landmarks, Hares, Ear Muffs and Hats

This is an amalgamation of the last few meetings at Shropshire speakers and my what a busy time we have been having lately.  Lots of visitors attending having discovered us on the internet, gently suggested by bosses or encouraged by friends.  However you come to us you’re welcome.

Our club is made up of the most amazing people creative, interesting and ever inventive  especially when it comes to thinking about topics for Table Topics.   Table Topics is the opportunity to practice impromptu speaking on an unknown topic.

At Octobers Meeting Hazel McNaLandmarks, hares and earmuffsb drew a set of pictures  and each speaker had to choose three; a place,  an item and an animal and then speak for 2 minutes. (landmarks, hares and ear muffs)   These are just some of the options that came out.

Sam Warner gave an entertaining and energetic  talk on Hartley Hare  and ear muffs at Stonehenge and had us in stitches.   Havin
g these kind of skills is definitely a bonus when you are allocated the role of Table Topics master.

Trepidation is a long word, but once you have attempted a table topic that can change to achievement another long word. Everybody had a go at talking about the pictures either making a link or talking about each one individually. It was a Ballet fish sydney opera housegreat idea.

Meetings  are never dull at Shropshire Speakers.  What would you have talked muffs bluebird bigBen7about if you had picked out the following combination of pictures?

cat bikini statue of liberty

Anybody that talks at Toastmasters gets evaluated, this is how we all learn.

Speeches in November started off with an Educational on the Educational Programme by myself,  and an Ice Breaker Speech by Sue Davies on “Taking Steps with  Toes and Shoes” an informative speech about how Sue came to be a chiropodist/foot health practitioner, giving us a whistle-stop journey including the feet of sheep and horses as well as humans.  Sher Khan completed his third speech  entitled Enemy of humanity.   This was a very challenging speech about terrorism and how it is perceived.  Sher used a number of statistics in his speech to back up his statements.

Table Topics  was delivered by Lois Cove who invited us to pick a hat out of a bag and talk about it. That was great fun. Here’s the evidence.larger hats

Evaluators of speeches and Table Topics gave some great and useful feedback to all those that spoke.  Grammarian and Ah counter Mark Beirne counted up the ‘um’s and ah’s good use of language and the word of the night Hyperbole and who had managed to use it in their speaking.

Rachel Gately  ran the evening smoothly in her inaugural role as toastmaster introducing all the roles to members and guests so they could understand what was going on and guided us through the programme with aplomb.

Shropshire Speakers – We’ve got a lot to talk about why not come and listen.

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