Cake, chips, chocolate and curry

carrot cakeThese were the favourite foods of our guest Lajina Leal who was first up in our lively table topics session this week. Impressing us with her display of alliteration in her selection, Lajina went on to temper the calories by also including raw carrots, although she hastily followed this by telling us of her allegiance to her friend’s carrot cake which she professed her absolute favourite. An impressive table topic which set the bar high.

cruise shipKim Kelly delighted us all by saying she was planning to go on a cruise early next year as we know how much she enjoys cruising. Hawaii or Mexico await and so do we to hear which one Kim will visit. Chris Ryder told of her aspirations for the next five years in her caricature business and wish her luck with the caricature kit she has developed.

Jenny Gater brought along two guests, her children Scott and Megan, who both gamely participated revealing a love of playing the guitar and making clothes (Scott) while Megan’s ideal day was one spent away from college, preferably asleep. Jenny was very even-handed as topic evaluator in giving them feedback.

misty cowsMatt Hegarty was posed the question of what he would miss most if he had to leave Britain. Without any hesitation Matt confessed he would never want to leave the UK for any length of time and told us of a trip to New York and his  disappointment at the TV and food he found there, plus his great love of the British weather.

All this followed Rachel Gately‘s very engaging icebreaker speech, Tony Madeley‘s account of his family’s self-catering business, and a dynamic and entertaining description by Harriet Morris of her experience visiting a diet club. Plus Sam Warner‘s ‘low-crouching’ speedy demonstration of D71.

Altogether an educating, elevating and entertaining evening.

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