Our club is run by a voluntary committee which is elected by our members and serves for 12 months from 1 July each year. Toastmasters specify the roles and responsibilities of each committee member and we all support each other.

This is our committee for 1 July 2020-30 June 2021:

Chantal Matthews, President

“After years of running my own business I realised that the best way to secure new clients and share my passion is through public speaking. However, I was not a very good speaker, racing through my content and  stumbling over my words, did not always leave the lasting impression I was aiming for. That was until I joined Toastmasters. The club at Shropshire Speakers have made me feel at home straight away. Their support and encouragement has helped me build my confidence and skills.  What a great bunch!”

Matt Hegarty, Vice-President Education

“I wanted to improve my public speaking and leadership skills, and after attending Shropshire Speakers as a guest, I found that the Toastmasters meetings were a great informal way to improve these skills.  Ours is a very friendly and welcoming club and I’m sure that all members improve and learn from others, no matter what level they are currently at.”

Jill Ming, Vice President Membership

‘’My motivation for joining Shropshire Speakers seven years ago was to help me in my business. I wanted to speak more clearly and fluently to clients and be able to answer all questions with ease and confidence. I’m amazed at what I’ve achieved in that time with so much help and support from my fellow members. I never would have dreamt that public speaking could be so enjoyable!”

Dominic Rodi, Club Treasurer

“I joined Toastmasters to improve my Public speaking. What I found at Shropshire speakers was a group of like minded supportive people where you can practice your skills in an informal environment. I learn something new every meeting!”

Sam Warner, Vice-President Public Relations (VPPR)

“I would never describe myself as a shrinking violet, and used to wear the mask of an actor when on stage performing or presenting. I wanted to learn how to be authentic and the real me when presenting to others. Shropshire Speakers has given me the space to practise in front of a warm friendly audience and now I’ve found a natural delivery style that I feel confident with and that helps me to convey my message clearly. The most useful thing for me has been the evaluations which encourage me to try new things out.”

Kyle Heath, Sergeant-at-Arms

“Public speaking has enabled me to be a better communicator, business owner and above all father.  Finally you can learn to speak in public and actually enjoy it! No more dreading what others might think, no more soggy palms. Toastmasters is the best place to learn to become a better speaker.”

Jenny Harris, Secretary

“I joined Toastmasters to improve my speaking skills and found a friendly club that helped me to become a more confident speaker”.