Eyes down!

Interactive warm-up sessionPhil Bradley’s warm-up this week literally had us out of our seats running round the room trying to find five different people who could answer ‘Yes’ to five questions on our ‘People bingo’ sheet. Do you have canned pickles, eat peanut butter, own a Rolling Stones CD, write poetry and cook without using recipes? Eddie Leeper was first to shout ‘House!’ and chose a tin of vegetables over a chocolate Easter egg as his prize (he can explain).

Table topics were equally entertaining as John Davies used our childhood career ambitions and our dream job as adults to provide a topic for each speaker. At least three pilots emerged as a result of which we learned that you do not want to be driven with Sam if she drops her glasses. Eddie turned out to be a budding entrepreneur while Tony thought being a caricature artist would be an easy life – assuming of course you had the talent. Other career choices included tennis player, champion ice skater, table tennis professional, pop star, Premier League Manager, Exodus travel guide and nun. Rebecca won with her depiction of life as Dr Who’s assistant having overcome her fear of the daleks.

What a great evening.


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