My First Toastmasters Speech

My first Toastmasters Speech

21st June – what a wonderful evening! I took the bold step to deliver my first Toastmasters speech and receive evaluation.

My speech title, ‘Lifting the Lid’, proved to be an epic to share my life moments and experience! I spoke about my curious character, passion for cricket, past achievements, professional experience and the happy moments of my personal life.

I succeeded in keeping my listeners’ attention and received lots of very positive feedback from them all. Thanks to the Shropshire speakers and esteemed guests for making it such an enriching learning experience.

How I prepared my first Toastmasters speech?

Reading the Toastmasters Competent Communicator manual gave me lots of useful information to prepare the speech. The main objective of the speech was to introduce myself in 4-6 minutes and receive an assessment about my current speaking skills. I Googled public speaking and checked how other Toastmasters speakers presented ice-breaker talks. I found out about structuring, opening and closing the speech. To calm my nerves, I linked the speech together, but struggled to find a way to conclude it. My mentor helped guide me, sharing his own experiences, so that I could find a way. Finally, I decided to conclude the speech in an elegant manner by describing my Goliath dreams!

“I want to become a renowned speaker and an author. Also, to be an elite social entrepreneur and philanthropist. I believe I have a way to go, but Toastmasters will certainly prove to be the right partner in achieving my dreams.”

How I pitched my Toastmasters speech differently?

I wanted to make an impact, so started with my back to the audience with outstretched arms. I described the meaning of my name and also used visual aids with colourful photos, to help build the gravity of my speech and capture the listeners’ attention.

I have found the feedback really useful and I know that with practice and patience, I will be able to achieve my long term dreams.

Do join us for an evening and receive an amazing experience at the amiable group of Shropshire Speakers!

Ashish Jain

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