‘Iffy’ table topics

The innovative nature of our members knows no bounds when it comes to taking on the role of Table Topics Master to chair the session on impromptu speaking. Phil Bradley was that person last night and had thought of some interesting questions to put to our eight participants along the lines of ‘If you faced this circumstance, what would you do?’.

New Zealand sheepMatt was given a time machine and the choice to visit any period in history. Without a second’s delay he said ‘1459’ and gave us a history lesson in the battle of Blore Heath, an early battle in the Wars of the Roses. Matt’s performance set the bar high for the rest of the session. Tony‘s poser was to decide where in the world he would like to visit and he plumped for New Zealand to explore the country and find out about farming there, although we were slightly surprised to find he didn’t like sheep.

If David Tennant is mentioned at a Shropshire Speakers’ meeting you know that Sam must be in the room and he was the person she would most like to talk to. Her encyclopedic knowledge of his work was truly impressive. Our guest Julia was asked which three things she would rescue if her house was on fire and her family will be pleased to learn that her husband, children and dogs were her priority.

hummingbirdGuest Anita won the best table topics award for her colourful description of the animal she would most like to be: a tiny humming bird. Her reminiscences of seeing these beautiful creatures feeding at her grandmother’s house in the States obviously made a big impression on her – and on us. Guest Jane was asked which day in her life she would like to re-live and chose her wedding day. She described a delightful day being married at home with friends and family. Well done to all our guests for participating.

John had to choose three things he would take to the International Space Station and we have only to hope that his laptop and camera would survive the journey and be in good working order when he arrived. His third choice, a good book, might have to last a long time otherwise. Finally, Jill was given the choice to go anywhere with limitless time and money, and opted for a first-class round-the-world ticket on British Airways visiting friends in far away places and choosing random destinations from the departures board. If only…

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