Summertime and the listening is easy


Speakers blogAs you may or may not know Toastmasters is an international organisation. So what?  I hear you say.  Well that means if you are a member of Toastmasters and you visit another country  you can seek out a meeting in your new part of the world and arrange a visit. How simple is that!  Attending a meeting in another country or even another part of the UK is a great opportunity to meet different people, see how they run meetings hear different speakers, topics,  languages and pick up tips. If  you give the club enough notice you may also have the opportunity to speak at a meeting too.

We were delighted in August to have our own international visitor, Marta Szmygiel who joined us for a few meetings while she was in Telford.  Visiting from Poland for a   few weeks  she was able to get involved in some of the club roles leading a warm up in her exuberant style with a topic of  “Stairway to heaven” or “highway to hell” and we could interpret it as we wished. That really got us thinking. We were also suitably impressed at Marta’s English Language skills and that she used the word of the day from the previous meeting ‘lionise’.



During these summer months Sher Khan started along his speakers journey with his ice breaker which was an engaging speech on self-belief and I evaluated Paul Brennan on a speech from “The Entertaining Speaker” about the link between two people that had come to him via email independently.

Sometimes during the summer holiday months we need to double up on roles and Sam Warner did a tremendous job of evaluating table topics and  timekeeping at one meeting truly multi-tasking.

John Davies delivered an educational presentation on Mentoring within the club which was actually quite a challenge (in my opinion) switching between mentor and mentee (almost like explaining cricket!) and explaining how a mentor can help you. The educational is an opportunity to be reminded of club roles in a little more depth and of course  another  opportunity to practice  presentation skills.

Sam Warner club member and now also Area Director updated us on events, and promoted opportunities to visit surrounding clubs and promotion of the black cat conference

It’s just opportunity after opportunity.


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