Table topics meets tall tales

paraglidingFrom a starting line of ‘I knew when I got up that morning it was going to be a special day …’ our table topics session of impromptu speaking on 15 January led by Phil Bradley took us on an amazing journey of invention, intrigue and imagination. Phil’s challenge was for us to take the final words of the previous speaker and continue the story in whatever direction we liked, with the added frisson that we didn’t know in which order we would be called to speak, so we really had to pay attention!

The tale began with hang-gliding and ended with baby food, and visited engine failure, George Clooney, psychic filing, fishing and Double Gloucester along the way. There were some veritable cliff-hangers for the next speaker to extricate us from, and some calm moments of contemplation. But most of all there was a great deal of laughter as the incredible story unfolded. Many thanks to Phil for a great table topics session that was good practice for our Tall Tales competition on 29 January.

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