The 116th Meeting of Shropshire Speakers

The 116th meeting was announced with gusto by Chris Ryder our sergeant at arms.  Its amazing how different people approach the role and come up with new and innovative ways to start the meeting and keep it fresh.

We seemed to be doing our own version of the friends and family test used by the NHS, as a couple  of our members had  bought brothers and sisters along. In the past  we’ve also had guests and  members bring wives husbands and children.  What a fantastic endorsement and advertisement that not only do they benefit enough from attending Shropshire speakers but  that they actively recommend and encourage nearest and dearest to try it as well – what a gift.

Three speakers took to the stage keen to deliver speeches and try and include the grammarians Tony Madeley word of the night ‘Raconteur.’

Our warm up man John Robertson posed a question of  “If you could be an animal for a day what would it be and why?”  Many members identified with cats mostly lionbecause they sleep a lot although there were Giraffes and dolphins too.  Just enough for everyone to have the chance to say a few words only 30 seconds worth (if they wished – its not compulsory) at the start of the evening.

Our Toastmaster  was Paul Brennan explaining and steering the meeting with aplomb. Paul was also our third speaker giving a 20 minute  speech from the Professional Speaker Manual. Paul used power point and personal experience to explain “There is nothing so practical as a good theory”.

I was the second speaker, and I  delivered my 10th speech (inspire your audience) using cc badgemy experience of studying with the  Open University to explain what can be achieved if you put your mind to it.  The completion of this speech  meant I  earned my competent communicator award. (Something to put on my CV)

The bar was set high with our first speaker Hazel McNab delivering her 3rd speech from the manual on “get your message across.”  Hazel explained in an engaging style how she started her on-line business 366hearts and when she does her work (in the middle of the night) and some emotional stories behind the hearts.

Paul and Hazel jointly won best speaker(s) of the night Well done.

speaker evaluator ribbon

The evening had a real buzz with new willing raconteurs  to talk to at the break and encourage to start their journey.  Toastmasters its just great but I am biased.




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