Where does the time go?

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.”  Henry Ford

Time.  An all important aspect of speaking and life.  We either don’t have  enough of it, waste it, or wish it would speed up.

All of those thoughts can apply to public speaking.

Do you speak at work to groups of people?  It might be  a team  you  lead or manage or  you might be the team member being asked to report or contribute to a discussion.  You might run your own business and have to promote yourself at every opportunity.  So you are already involved in public speaking.

Do you wonder if your presentations are getting your message across how you intended could you do them another way or improve them ?

Do you remember things you should have said after you’ve given your talk?

Do you get flustered when you are asked to say something or do you avoid eye contact so you don’t get picked and  do you wish the ground would open up and swallow you whenever you are asked to lead a meeting?

Is public speaking  an area you would like to improve?

If you’ve now come to P1060222the conclusion that you are not going to sit on the fence but you are ready to jump down tackle this area we are so glad you’ve taken time to find us out.

At Shropshire Speakers we can give you the opportunity at your own pace, (but with encouragement and a mentor if you want one) to practice your speaking  skills, develop your confidence with areas you want to work on  and receive constructive feedback to enable you to reach your goals.

We hope to hear  you soon.


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